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CIGRE Study Committees

Study Committee Overview

In 2008, 16 Study Committees (SC) and more than 200 Working Groups (WG) are activated in CIGRE, and more than 2,000 experts in the world are participating in these SCs and WGs for developing the technologies of their concerned fields in power systems.

Study committees investigate the performance of large electric systems. They undertake and coordinate studies that improve electric power systems and in many cases lead to technical innovations in the field.

Korea Representatives

CIGRE KNC nominates 14 Regular Members (RM) and 2 Observer Members (OM). Their duties are as follows;

  • Attendance in SC Meeting every year
  • Conveying the views, concerns and needs of the national committee
  • Organizing domestic and international networks of experts and the study committee forum
  • Joining a working group and recruiting other members to newly built Working Groups and Task Forces
  • Disseminating their study committee' s work to the national committee and the study committee forum
  • Participating in the planning and organizing of symposiums, colloquium and regional meetings

Study Committees

A1 Rotating Electrical Machines (http://www.cigre-a1.org)
  • Economics, design, construction, test, behaviour and materials for turbine generators, hydrogenerators, non conventional machines and large motors.
  • Korean RM : Y.J. Kim (KERI) (yjkim@keri.re.kr)
    Retired RM : Y.J KIM (KERI)
A2 Transformers (http://www.cigre-a2.org)
  • Design, construction, manufacture and operation for all kinds of power transformers including industrial, DC converters and phase-shift transformers and for all types of reactors and transformer components.
  • Korean OM : I.S. Hwang (Hyundai) (ishwang@hhi.co.kr)
A3 High Voltage Equipment (http://www.cigre-a3.org)
  • Theory, design, construction and operation for all devices for switching, interrupting and limiting currents, surges arresters, capacitors, busbars and equipment insulators and instrument transformers.
  • Korean RM : J.B. Kim (Hyosung) (hico-jbkim@hyosung.co.kr)
    Retired RM : K.Y. Park (KERI)
B1 Insulated Cables (http://www.cigre-b1.org)
  • Theory, design, applications, manufacture, installation, testing, operation, maintenance and diagnostic techniques for land and submarine AC and DC insulated cables systems.
  • Korean RM : S.I. Jeon (LS Cable) (sijeon@lscable.com)
    Retired RM : J.Y. Koo (Hanyang Univ.), J.T. Kim (Daejin Univ.)
B2 Overhead Lines (http://www.cigre-b2.org)
  • Design, study of electrical and mechanical characteristics and performance, route selection, construction, operation, service life, maintenance, refurbishment uprating and upgrading of overhead lines and their components including: conductors, earth wires, insulators, towers, foundation and earthing systems.
  • Korean RM : D.I. Lee (KEPRI) (dilee@kepri.re.kr)
    Retired RM : J.B. Kim (Joongboo Univ.)
B3 Substations (http://www.cigre-b3.org)
  • Design, construction, maintenance and ongoing management of substations and electrical installations in power stations, excluding generators.
  • Korean RM : W.P. Song (Hyosung) (wpsong@hyosung.com)
B4 HVDC and Power Electronics (http://www.cigre-b4.org)
  • Economics, application, planning aspects, design, protection, control, construction and testing of HVDC links and the associated equipment. Power Electronics for AC systems and Power Quality Improvement and Advanced Power Electronics.
  • Korean RM : T.K. Oh (KERI) (tkoh@keri.re.kr)
B5 Protections and Automations (http://www.cigre-b5.org)
  • Principles, design, application and management of power system protection, substation control, automation, monitoring and recording - including associated internal and external communications, substation metering systems and interfacing for remote control and monitoring.
  • Korean RM : S.J. Lee (Myongji Univ.) (sjlee@mju.ac.kr)
    Retired RM : I.D. Kim (Doowon College)
C1 System Development and Economics (http://www.cigre-c1.org)
  • Economics and system analysis methods for the development of power systems: methods and tools for static and dynamic analysis, planning issues and methods in various context, assets management strategies.
  • Korean RM : J.W. Chang (KEPCO) (changj6@kepco.co.kr)
    Retired RM : T.H. Jeong (KEPCO)
C2 System Operation and Control (http://www.cigre-c2.org)
  • Technical and human resource aspects of operation of power systems: methods and tools for frequency, voltage and equipment control, operational planning and real time security assessment, fault and restoration management, performance evaluation, control centre functionalities and operators training.
  • Korean RM : J.C. Bae (KPX) (jcbae@kpx.or.kr)
C3 System Environmental Performance (http://www.cigre-c3.org)
  • Identification and assessment of the impacts on environment of electric power systems and methods used for assessing and managing the environmental impact of system equipment.
  • Korean RM : S.H. Myeong (KERI) (shmyung@keri.re.kr)
C4 Overhead Line System Technical Performance (http://www.cigre-c4.org)
  • Methods and tools for power system analysis in the following fields: power quality performance, electromagnetic compatibility, lightning characteristics and system interaction, insulation coordination.
  • Korean RM : E.B. Shim (KEPRI) (ebshim@kepri.re.kr)
C5 Electricity Markets and Regulation (http://www.cigre-c5.org)
  • Analysis of different approaches in the organisation of the Electric Supply Industry: different market structures and products, related techniques and tools, regulations aspects.
  • Korean RM : J.K. Park (Seoul National Univ.) (parkjk@snu.ac.kr)
C6 Distribution Systems and Dispersed Generation (http://www.cigre-c6.org)
  • Assessment of technical impact and requirements that new distribution features impose on the structure and operation of the system: widespread development of dispersed generation, application of energy storage devices, demand side management; rural electrification.
  • Korean OM : B.S. Moon (KEPCO) (moonbsoo@kepco.co.kr)
D1 Materials and Emerging Technologies (http://www.cigre-d1.org)
  • Monitoring and evaluation of new and existing materials for electrotechnology, diagnostic techniques and related knowledge rules and emerging technologies with expected impact on the system in medium to long term.
  • Korean RM : J.H. Lee (Hoseo Univ.) (leejh@hoseo.edu)
    Retired RM : J.Y. Koo (Hanyang Univ.)
D2 Information Systems and Telecommunications (http://www.cigre-d2.org)
  • Principles, economics, design, engineering, performance, operation and maintenance of telecommunication and information networks and services for Electric Power Industry; monitoring of related technologies.
  • Korean RM : M.H. Yu (KEPCO) (yumho@kepco.co.kr)